Sunday, July 24, 2011


Traveled to Pont de Gard today and ending the night in Orange in the southern Rhone Valley. Tomorrow we hit up two of the most prestigious wine regions in all of France. Chateauneuf du pape and Hermitage. Looking to pick up two more really really special red wines for my haul back to the states. Finally back in Dijon tomorrow night where I'll finally be able to post some pics of Provence and explain a little bit about our recent trip to Germany and Suisse.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bienvenue à mon blogue

Come along with me as I invade the French wine industry. We'll start with the city of lights and travel across the entire eastern half of the country learning the French style of viticulture/enology. First we'll start in the region responsible for the most delicate and beautiful wine in the world, Burgundy(or Bourgogne en français). After we'll take a short trip into Baden, the wine region of Germany, followed by a treacherous windy bus tour of the Swiss alps. A short tour of Lake Geneva's sloping vineyards ends the 3 day bus trip. I'll finish the month with a 5 day trip of the Rhone valley and the south of France. So stay tuned for lots of pics and some short stories about this beautiful Country.